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Looking for that first lacrosse stick you had when you first started? Look no further! We have all the great lacrosse sticks from the 1980s right here! You thought you would never find a Brine Superlight 2 or Twine Finder again? You were wrong! We have the following Brine lacrosse heads: Superlight 2, M1, and MX. For STX, we have the following lacrosse heads available: Dominator, Viper, and Hiwall. When these are gone, they are gone forever! Start your own collection today!

Did you miss out on the Vintage L35 lacrosse gloves? Don't worry...check out the UFG 750s, L35As, L30s, L27s, L25s, L12s, PG22s and SAG2s.

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Brine Superlight Lacrosse Head --- LIMITED EDITION STX Aluminum Lacrosse Shaft- Defense - CLEARANCE!!! Brine Aluminum Lacrosse Shaft- Defense - CLEARANCE!!! Brine SAG2 Vintage Lacrosse Arm Guards
Brine Vintage Traditional String Kit