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Gait Lacrosse brings us some exciting lacrosse heads for the 2014 Lacrosse Season including the Matter, Recon XL, Torque 3, Flow, Torque, Thrust 2.0, Bedlam, Icon 2, Saber, and M4. Top Selling Gait Heads: Torque 3, Showtime, Torque, Thrust 2.0, and the Bedlam.

Quick Reference guide for what heads meet the new rules:
Meets both NCAA and NFHS: Saber, Torque 3, Bedlam
NCAA Specs only: Torsion SI, Flow, Showtime
NFHS Specs only: Matter, Recon XL, M4, Recon SI, Torque, Silencer, Thrust 2.0, Triton, Icon 2, Wizard, Chaos, Asylum, Mayhem, Shockwave, Oracle, Toxic, Torque Pro
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Gait Torque 3 Lacrosse Head Gait Asylum Lacrosse Head Gait Mayhem Lacrosse Head
The Gait Torque 3 is an updated version of original Torque, one of our top sellers. The Torque 3 not only meets NFHS but also NCAA specs. Features a cork screw-less fit system that actually work! Instead of using a screw to attach the head to the shaft, you simply put the cork in under the stopper and the head won't budge! The Torque 3 meets NCAA and NFHS specs. The Gait Asylum Lacrosse Head is a great all purpose head. Features a 2 inch, curved sidewall for increased ball retention. The curved sidewall also prevents the ball from getting stuck in the throat. The Asylum meets NFHS specs only. The Gait Mayhem Lacrosse Head is another great head for defense. Features a triple rib throat for added strength. Also comes with Gait's Pocket Shock System to help absorb the shock of the checks. This helps with catching and ball retention. The Mayhem meets NFHS specs only.